It is an Iraqi cultural institution that operates under the laws of international and nationally approved civil society organizations. The headquarters of the institution is located in Iraq, in the Maysan Governorate, choosing the depth of civilization and the Sumerian historic expansion of the new Iraq.

  • The Phoenix Award is divided into the following levels:
    Gold Phoenix Medal (awarded to young creators under the age of forty)
  • Golden Phoenix Necklace (awarded to creators over the age of forty)
  • Golden Phoenix Crown (grant to pioneer creators exclusively)
  • Phoenix Distinguished Women Award (awarded only to outstanding women on a day The International Woman Award)
  • The Phoenix Award for the Best Book (awarded for very distinguished books)
  • The Phoenix Award for Tolerance (awarded to personalities and institutions that work to spread the principle of tolerance)
  • The Phoenix Award for Creative Women,
  • The Phoenix Award for Women in Business (established in 2017 to recognize women in business who care about humanitarian and social issues).