Comparative Study between Bahrain & Dubai – Job Satisfaction

We are talking here about job satisfaction, which includes among its pages many deep terms such as job loyalty, job happiness, and so on

During my trip to the great city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, It was a very interesting trip as I gained a lot of knowledge and skills

Job satisfaction is one of the components of happiness and satisfaction about life.
It has a direct relationship to productivity and is an important factor for the employee.

Most studies and research that dealt with aspects of work and workers agree that there is a close positive relationship between job satisfaction and job performance.

To achieve the criteria of job satisfaction, the Dubai Plus program has translated this into reality In terms of the material facilities that can be provided by the governmental and semi-governmental sectors to his employees to achieve well-being and happiness.

From this standpoint, I had a strong desire to research the topic and go deeper learn more about it and study ways to help develop standards of job satisfaction in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to make the workers fully prepared to meet these standards specially the new standards.